We are one of the premier IP firm in Afghanistan

Our philosophy is to develop a very trustworthy relation with our clients worldwide Trademark and brands bring order to the market place and provide protect for company and consumer (INTA President/ 2018).

Afghanistan is a land of growing economic prominence. The merging market Afghanistan located at the strategic importance modern north-south corridor of great economic opportunities. These corridors link the largest and fastest-growing economies of the world, which include Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, and UAE. The important role of IP offices plays to support economic growth.

With registration of your trademarks in Afghanistan you can prevent others from using your inventions, designs and other creations. This is your “intellectual property rights”. Companies worldwide lose the right to use a brand because they failed to protect it through trademark registration. That is why your trademark registration in Afghanistan is vital.

It is not substantially whether your brand is used in Afghanistan or not, since you should protect your brand from ambush marketing of your products.